Does God Exist?

Level 1: Question 1

Yareli is a freshmen at St. John the Baptist de La Salle High school. She really doesn’t want to be there, but she transferred to the school under her parents orders. She no longer spends time with her friends from her old school, she is finding it difficult to keep up with high school level homework and she is not a fan of wearing the school uniform.

After the first few weeks, Yareli has made a few close friends but her grades are beginning to plummet. She joined the school tennis club and is showing great talent. She is an up and coming protege who, if trained well, could become a contender for State Champion in a couple of years. However, she realizes that if she doesn’t get her grades up, she will not be eligible to play. 

La Salle High has mandatory parent-teacher conferences for all new students after the first four weeks. Yareli’s parents only speak Spanish and her teachers only speak English. Since they see Yareli as a very honest and trustworthy student, they have asked her to join them in her conference as a translator. Yareli reluctantly agrees.

 When Yareli’s mother and father are told that she is a talented tennis player, Yareli translates accurately and her parents beam with pride. When the teachers tell them that she is a joy to have in class, they are immensely delighted that she has made such a great transition to her new school. Yareli feels good knowing that her parents are proud of her.

However, when the teachers tell her parents that Yareli is not performing well academically, Yareli purposely translates incorrectly and tells her parents that she is doing great in all of her classes. She didn’t want to upset her parents and she knows that for the next 4 weeks, she can work extra hard to pick her grades up before her report card comes out and her parents would never know.

 Everyone leaves the conference happy, everyone except Yareli.


  1. Put yourself in Yareli’s shoes. Why do you think she would not be happy after leaving the parent-teacher conference?
  2. Is it possible that she actually might be truly happy with her decision?
  3. What could potentially happen to Yareli because of her “little” lie? What could happen to her parents? To her teachers? To her friends?
  4. How would you define the word conscience?



Read points 4-6 from your YOUCAT including all of the citations, quotes and definitions on the side columns. When you are finished, reflect on the following questions:

  1. What is reason?
  2. What does reason have to do with your conscience?
  3. Why do people deny the existence of God?
  4. Is it pointless to speak about God if we are imperfect humans?
  5. How can we speak about God in a more perfect way?

Answer the following question with as much detail as you feel necessary.  Make sure you quote at least one sentence from points 4, 5 or 6 in your response.

How can you prove that God exists?