Dominican Sites

The Higher-Ups, where every other Dominican starts their journey, where every Lay Dominican starts their journey, should be required reading for anyone in formation

The good folks at the DominicanaBlog have also prepared this nice set of links:

Province of St. Joseph — Main site; Vocations blog

Vicariate of Eastern Africa — Main site

Province of the Holy Name (“Western Province”) — Main site; Student brother blog

Province of St. Albert the Great (“Central Province”) — Main site; Student brother blog

Province of St. Martin de Porres (“Southern Province”) — Main site; Student brother blog

The Organized Apostolates, Proclaiming the Gospel in the Modern Media“Blackfriars Media is a division of the Dominican Fathers Province of Saint Joseph. The friars have been serving as a chaplains at New York University since 1989. We recently began working with several gifted film students to found Blackfriars Media after being inspired by the student’s dedication of pursuing their craft as filmmakers and remaining faithful to the Catholic Church.”

Dominican Young Adults, where YAs ages 18-30 get together to get their Dominican on.

Dominican Liturgy-  by Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. & Fr. Vincent  & M. Kelber, O.P., a very valuable set of resources and news for Dominicans in the U.S.

Religious Community Sites

Dominican Nuns of Summit New Jersey 

Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist (Ann Arbor)

Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (Nashville)

Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary (Buffalo, New York)

Dominican Monastery of St. Jude (Marbury, Alabama)


Bloggers by Mr. J.C. Sanders, O.P.

ubispiritus by Fr.Pius Pietrzyk, O.P.

Disputations by Br. John da Fiesole, O.P. 

V for Victory  by Mrs. Anita Moore, O.P.

TheOneTrueFaith by Mrs. Faith Flaherty, O.P.


Hancaquam by Fr. Philip N. Powell, O.P., PhD by Fr. Richard B. “R. B.” Williams, O.P.


Blackfriars Media App“The free app features music from Dominicana Records’ album In Medio Ecclesiae, weekly updates from Word to Life, videos from Blackfriar Films, and more. Enjoy your favorite Dominican programs, find new ones, and share them with others all in one app! Blackfriars Media is available for Apple devices, Windows phones, and Google systems.”

iDoms Portal“The iDoms Portal currently provides access to articles, audio files and videos aggregated from the various websites of the Dominican Order.  We have been working very hard behind the scenes in creating this  App which is available from the App Store and fromGoogle Play.”

Lay Dominican Chapters

Lay Dominicans of Western Michigan

Syracuse Lay Dominicans

Lay Dominicans Blessed Sacrament Chapter

Dominican Laity of New England


Irish Province — Main site; Student brother website

Province of St. Joseph the Worker (Nigeria and Ghana) — Main site

South African Dominicans — Main site

Province of the Assumption (Australia and New Zealand) — Main site

Province of the Philippines — Main site

Province of India — Main site

Maltese Province — Main site

Vice Province of the Son of Mary (Pakistan) — Main site