Archives: Tiny Thomists

Archives: Tiny Thomists

Here you will find all of our past issues of Tiny Thomists

Year 1:

Issue 1: St. Mary and the Trinity

Issue 2: Obedience, St. Joseph, and Being a Saint

“For the more perfect a thing is the more it is like to God.”

Issue 3: Finding God Through the Five Senses, St. Paul, and the Eucharist

“To understand God, we must use our senses to see His work in the world.”

Issue 4: Sacrifice, Temptations, and St. John the Baptist

“Sacrifice is a special thing we do that honors God and makes Him happy”

Issue 5: Mother Theresa and True Joy

“We find happiness in God whose love for us gives us true joy.”

Issue 6: St. Augustine, Sin and Virtue

“Sins are things we do and say that are bad. Virtues are things we do and say that are good.”

Issue 7: St. Thomas Aquinas, Your Body and Soul

“Every person is made up of a body and a soul.”

Issue 8: St. Theresa of Ávila and Praying Without Ceasing

“Prayer is speaking to God with our minds.”

Issue 9: St. Lawrence of Rome, Healthy Eating, and Exercise

“The Eucharist is spiritual food for our soul.”

Issue 10: Rules, The Different Types of Law, and St. Louis IX

“Every rule that makes us better comes from God.”

11: The Mass, The Place Where God Gives Us Everything We Need, and St. John Vianney

“Everything we need from God is found at Mass.”

Year 2

Issue 1: When Things Get Hard, The Beauty of Suffering, and St. Rose of Lima

“Life is hard because later it will be happy.”

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