REVIEWS: Mother Teresa Books for Kids

Mother Teresa: The Smile of Calcutta

This beautiful book by Charlotte Grossetete is wonderful for introducing the story of one of our newest Saints, St. Teresa of Kolkata, to young children (ages 7 and up).  It may be a little wordy for younger attention spans, but is perfect for this recommended age range, as it incorporates major life events and quotes from St. Teresa in an age-appropriate manner. Illustrations are an eye-catching cartoon style that will certainly capture young readers’ attention. It also includes facts about her life at the back of the book; a wonderful bonus! This would make an excellent addition to a Catholic home or school library!


Mother Teresa of Calcutta


This book by Francine Bay is recommended for ages 9 and up and is perfect for that age range, for readers becoming more independent; the text is broken up into short “chapters” of a page or so and the illustrations are beautiful and eye-catching.  The events of St. Teresa of Kolkata’s life and her quotes are woven seamlessly in this beautiful book so as to give a very whole picture of her life and person that young independent readers will understand and relate to. It also includes a timeline and prayer at the back of the book.  This book would be a wonderful addition to a Catholic home or school library!


Regina Planchet received copies of these books for the purpose of review.

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