Dominican Institute Inaugural Giveaway

On August 8th, we celebrate the Feast of St. Dominic, founder of the Order of Preachers and co-patron of this site along with Our Lady. We are also celebrating our first official launch day at the Dominican Institute. In honor of the occasion, we are giving away a ton of stuff:


My fellow professors have joined forces and are offering one free spot for each course offered this semester. There are ten courses offered which means ten different winners will win the opportunity to take a course of their choosing free of charge. That is $1,050 worth for 10 courses.

You typically couldn’t take ONE course for that amount of money but at the Dominican Institute, that amount will get you TEN different courses.

Click on the course giveaway you’d like to enter. Know that space is limited, so if you want to guarantee your spot, sign up for the course, then enter the giveaway. If you are already in the course, you’ll receive a full reimbursement.

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Congratulations to the winners:

  • Natural Theology- Amanda Gray
  • Philosophical Foundations- Jill Hoffman
  • Classical Apologetics in the Modern World- Nicolas Cocozzo
  • Church History- The Early Church Fathers- Angel (no last name provided)
  • Logic- Robert (no last name provided)
  • Philosophy of Religion- Paul Gnatowski
  • Foundational Bioethics- Fabio Rocha
  • Fundamentals of Dogmatic Theology- Carol (no last name provided)
  • Church History- The Great Heresies- Susan Cardinali


SHeen GiveawayThis giveaway if for facebook users only. When you click this link, you’ll be taken to our first evangelistic video production titled “Fulton J. Sheen- Is it Enough?” Everyone who clicks the share button from that video will automatically be entered into a random drawing and one lucky sharer will receive ALL of the following:

WINNER: Lorraine Mazzola


  • Jesus of Nazareth
  • The World’s First Love
  • Life is Worth Living
  • Peace of Soul
  • Treasure in Clay



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All are welcome. Feel free to share your link as often as you like across al social media platforms. The more your share it, the better your chances are of winning this giveaway. 

There is no registration fee nor prerequisite requirements to take courses. All are welcome.

Courses have been vetted by the Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI, the Sacred Heart Institute. We’d love to partner with your diocese and ministries to help ensure that all members are formed and built up both spiritually and academically to preach the Gospel with even greater zeal.

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  1. Many believe sin is no longer a requisite consideration in the question of who gets to heaven and who does not. If God is all mercy and we try our best why the agony over sin. This becomes a lense through which many conversations are launched. The initial conditions are altered and then the search for truth is to begin. It becomes a propaganda veil for what is not truth

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