Tiny Thomists

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They tell you the days are long and the years are short but when it comes to raising our children in the Catholic faith, we need to take one more thing into consideration… eternity.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to teaching our children the faith, we have a tendency to water it down because we think it is too complex for children. We end up teaching them generalities and basic truths which are all great for starters, but don’t you think our kids can go deeper? As a veteran teacher and catechist, I know they can.

Kids today need more than catechetical instruction, they need philosophy, theology, and most importantly, a fun way of learning those subjects with their parents, siblings and friends. On top of that, parents need a resource that will give them everything they need without emptying their wallets or taking too much of their quality time with their kids

So we decided to be intentional about it. The result: Tiny Thomists.

Tiny Thomists is a bi-weekly curriculum that gets sent to your inbox in order to provide you with ways to teach your children the core of their Catholic faith through the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas.

It is a lifeline for every parent and catechist who ever thought, “Am I doing enough to teach my children the awesomeness of being Catholic?” It is a life-saver for all parents, elementary school teachers, and catechists who don’t have another minute to add to their busy schedules. It is also for those who love their children enough to want their salvation. In a world that attacks them from every angle, this program provides you with the tools to help them maneuver their lives toward the narrow path of sanctity while maintaining the high expectations that are required to become a Saint.

“As a full time mother of four children, Tiny Thomists has been a blessing to our family. The lesson plans are authentic, applicable to a variety of ages, and practical. The Simplified Summa, Lectio Divina, Saint biography, stories, and weekly Gospel make it easier to integrate the Catholic faith in our lives because it is all so readily available. As the primary teacher of my children in faith, I am responsible to provide them with the truth. These lessons create a great foundation and I am so thankful for this early exposure in the areas of philosophy and theology that supports the educational mission of the Church.”-Jamie G., Muskegon,MI

The best part of this program is that it is created from the heart. I love my children more than life itself and the best way I know how to show them that love is through the careful construction of each individual lesson plan I make through Tiny Thomists. I am convinced that others want the same for their own kiddos; they merely need a tool that is simple enough, deep enough and practical enough to fit into their schedules, their wallets and their faith.

Tiny Thomists is that tool. Join us today and get linked into our Tiny Thomists parenting community where we exchange ideas and materials, offer parenting advice, share prayer requests, and much more. On top of being surrounded by other Tiny Thomists parents and catechists, you’ll receive our book, The Rosary in Kid Speak, for free. ($18.99 value) The book guides children through the mysteries of the Rosary using sacred art and simplified storytelling so that they can delve deeper into the life, death and resurrection of Jesus with Mary as their heavenly guide.