Why Did God Create You?

Level 1: Question 2

Sofía loves to dance. She can frequently be found on the weekends at parties with her family and friends dancing to the latest music. She especially enjoys latin music and has signed up to take salsa and meringue lessons. She is 16 and she is even contemplating becoming a professional dancer when she graduates from High School.

One day, Sofía’s best friend, Janell, texts her telling her that she has great news and that they need to meet at the mall as soon as possible. Sofía gets in her car and drives out to see her. When they meet, Janell tells Sofía that she had a profound religious experience at a local Protestant church and that she is going to be baptized this weekend. Sofía is Catholic and is thrilled that her friend has made such a great decision. She will finally be part of God’s family!

However, Janell then goes on to tell her that her church doesn’t allow its members to dance, go to movies or wear anything but long dresses that are approved by the head preacher. The pastor of this church believes that such activities are sinful and that they lead people, especially young people to hell. As a result, Janell tells her friend that she will no longer be able to go dancing with her. She then goes on to try to persuade Sofía into giving up dancing.

Reflection Questions

  1. Put yourself in Sofía’s shoes. How would you respond to Janell?
  2. Is Janell right in saying that dancing, going to movies and wearing certain clothes are sins?
  3. What is something that you really love to do? Have you ever thought that this thing you love to do is sinful? Why or why not?



Read points 1-3 from your YOUCAT including all of the citations, quotes and definitions on the side column. When you are finished, reflect on the following questions:

  1. When do you most feel when God is near to you?
  2. When do you feel Him far away?
  3. Earlier, you reflected on the things you love to do most. Does what you love to do bring you closer to God or push Him farther away?
  4. Are there ways to unite the things you love with God?


Answer the following question with as much detail as you feel necessary.  Make sure you quote at least one sentence from points 1, 2, or 3 in your response. 

Why did God create you?