The Dominican Institute is an online Catholic learning platform that offers university-level instruction to those who seek to learn about the Catholic faith. Students have the ability to study under instructors who have earned their M.A. and/or Ph. D. in their subject discipline. Course credits can be used for continuing education, catechetical certification, lay religious formation, professional development and a host of other purposes.

This site is run by T.J. Burdick, Lay Dominican of the Rosary Chapter of the Central Province of the Lay Dominicans in the U.S.A. While this site is not directly affiliated with any governing body of Dominican Friars, Sisters or Dominican Laity, we do count them among our friends and proudly house its content within the servers of the Rosary Chapter of Lay Dominicans located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Course disciplines include:

  • Philosophy
  • Apologetics
  • Church History
  • Moral Theology
  • Sacred Scripture
  • Mariology
  • Natural Theology

Upon successful completion of each course, students can receive certificates will prove satisfactory completion of the course as deemed by the instructor on behalf of the Dominican Institute (DI). These can be used as proof for all  necessary certification documentation.